Yes to Yoga Design Work

Creating Calming and Holistic Designs.

Yes to Yoga

Graphic Design: A Board, Business Card, Flyers, Posters, Vouchers

Creative Team
Sophie Janes, Michele Scott

Our Tools
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

The Brief.

To update current marketing materials such as, flyers, posters and vouchers with the new logo and brand style. The information on the print work would be reworked to fit the fresh website design and overall branding we have worked on previously. New additions such as business/loyalty cards would also be designed to hand out to customers.

What we did.

Using the new colour palette, fonts and overall design style created by the company’s brand; we worked on updating the current marketing materials such as flyers and posters; the design format fitted the new overall look from the new website we created for the client. We were then tasked to create new print artwork, these were vouchers and loyalty cards that were to be provided to customers of Yes To Yoga.
“Working with Helen is always a pleasure, working with Yes To Yoga for years we’ve established and refined her brand to suit and benefit her business moving forward in the future…”
Sophie Janes, Graphic Designer, Yorkshire Media
Call us on: 01964 542916
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