Yes To Yoga Branding Process Images

Developing a Spiritual and Subtle Brand.

Yes to Yoga


Creative Team
Sophie Janes

Our Tools
Adobe Illustrator

The Brief.

Yes To Yoga wanted an update to their overall brand, after previously creating the brand a few years ago when the business started. Over time the business has grown, core values and teachings have developed; a new logo and branding was required to reflect this on the business. The current brand would be developed into a calming, soft and clean brand, suitable for teachings, the website and marketing materials.

What we did.

After an initial discussion, we worked closely with the client to develop their current brand into a refreshing and soothing logo. We used the current colours from the brand but we softened them from bright and bold to pastel; the font was then changed to a more sophisticated San Serif from a Handwritten style. Elements were then taken from the current brand and spiritual imagery to develop the brand into a more fitting logo.
“Working with Helen is always a pleasure, working with Yes To Yoga for years we’ve established and refined her brand to suit and benefit her business moving forward in the future…”
Sophie Janes, Graphic Designer, Yorkshire Media
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