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Creative Team
Sophie Janes, Joe Kendall, Michele Scott

Our Tools
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Code Editor, WordPress

The Brief.

Sumo came up to us with a number of objectives, from adding multilingual support to augmenting their site to allow for client log in, and ecommerce integration. We both wanted a long term relationship to ensure the site had regular updates, so a retainer arrangement was the perfect fit to push things forward.

What we did.

We determined in this case that the original site would serve as a valid base for us to build from, though a minor design refresh was the first priority. We kept the overall feel of the site intact but added some new design elements to aid with the pinch points we had identified by analysing the current traffic. Sumo then wanted more control over these design elements, so we extended their CMS to ensure they could edit every single piece of text on the site. This would prove vital for their second objective: multilingual support. Adding multiple languages is always an evolutionary task, gradually ensure that each of the target languages has the content their visitors need, whilst balancing the realities of translation services. We always recommend human translation when making any sort of investment in this space, especially when the website includes technical vocabulary. Sumo were keen to progress with this, and we now have support for 5 languages, whose microsites are developing week by week with additional content. The dealer portal needed to allow their customers to place orders, see the status of their orders, buy parts and browse documentation materials, along with managing support tickets. This was a new project for us, so our initial phase was to listen and document all the requirements, then create a proposal which ensured the main functionality could be delivered in a cost-effective way. Over a period of 3 months, we were able to accomplish all the main objectives. Working with Sumo over a number of years has been a great way to showcase the value of iterative improvements. Moving forward with changes in a methodical way, over a period of time has worked well for both companies.
“We have enjoyed working with Sumo, keeping solid lines of communication and meticulous planning has been the key to our joint success up to this point.”
Joe Kendall, Website Developer, Yorkshire Media
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