Marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic

The current situation is highly unusual and not something that most businesses would have expected, let alone planned for. Although the current situation is expected to last a while, we all need to keep our businesses running and our staff paid to the best of our abilities. It looks like the government will step in with a range of grants and recommendations to help us all survive the current crisis in good shape, so how do we keep marketing and promoting our businesses during this period:

Cut back but don’t stop

Carrying on as normal during this period will provide the ultimate reward, after all, the products and services that most companies provide are still required. For some businesses carryng on as normal won’t be possible, but it is more important than ever to think about the future as well as the present. Marketing is a mid to long term practice for most of us so whilst stopping completely may not have consequences in the short term, it may well have more serious implications in the longer term. If you have to, instead of stopping, try cutting back your activities. Focus on those marketing activities that you know will bring results, this will ensure that when things do get back to normal you do not have to invest heavily just to get back to where you were previously.

Adapt to the situation

Your customers are already changing their working habits, therefore it’s important to adapt your marketing to the changing situation. Companies and individual are working from home much more, the likelihood is that they will be using phones and tablets much more. It’s worth making sure that your website works perfectly on all screen sizes, this will ensure that you are easy to deal with online. If you are business to business, it’s highly likely that you have already made the decision not to conduct meetings face to face. Utilise services such as Skype to conduct remote meetings where you can still see them face to face…let your customers know that you are still easy to deal with during this period.

It is also worth knowing that your competitors are also your allies in your industry sector, if we all help each other we can stay in business and not let this virus get the better of us.

Mark Titcombe
Managing Director
Yorkshire Media Ltd