So you want to blog!

Everyone seems to be blogging, whether it’s about their travels, beauty secrets, food or animals. You can find blogs on any subject, some are really well written and informative, and some aren’t! Here are some tips if you fancy creating your own blog – • The Title. Make it catchy and self-explanatory. Around 6 words […]

Improve your grammar and spelling!

Grammar and Spelling help! With the increased use of technology, we are in danger of losing our ability to apply correct grammar and spelling to our writing! Autocorrect is so prevalent that we don’t usually have to think about how we write as it’s corrected for us. The art of letter writing has become a […]

Why use a design agency?

All under one roof Why should you use a design agency when you’re starting a business, updating your current business or just need a bit of help with your website, social media and marketing? That’s a very good question, and one I’ll try to answer for you here. Image you want a new bathroom. You […]

Why an SSL is so important!

You may have seen a message on you computer warning you that a website you are trying to view isn’t secure, this is because they don’t have an SSL certificate, it’s incorrectly installed or has expired. In October 2017 the latest Google Chrome update began flagging websites that have a form but that didn’t have […]

School’s Back!

Hands up! Who’s ready for their offspring to go back to school next week? Six weeks is a long time to keep them entertained or to pay for childcare. At least the weather has been generally good, for the UK anyway! Most of you will have taken a holiday, maybe relaxing on a beach somewhere […]

Harley’s Week At Yorkshire Media

This week sees the first of our work experience students, Harley from Beverley Joint Sixth Form. She is studying media, photography and psychology, and has come to us to learn some different skills. Day 1 On her first day Harley carried out research into three of our competitors, giving honest feedback about their websites and […]