a picture says a thousand words...

In the current age of smart phones and cheap digital cameras, it is tempting to take a DIY approach to business photography – but beware! The quality of the photography on your website and in brochures and flyers will reflect heavily on your professionalism, so think seriously about the impression you want to make. We love great photography (and so we should – we have a professional photographer on our team!), and we can provide you with some fantastic photos at very cost effective prices.

Food Photography

a video can say even more.

We’re also experts in video production, so whether you’re looking for a promotional video to increase sales, a detailed product demonstration video to show off your wares, or a training video to get your staff up to speed, Yorkshire Media can create a video you’ll be proud of. Oh, and don’t forget the all-important video for your website!

Lee Johnston Portrait
Photography, videos & aerial imaging

Case Studies

If you’d like to read on a bit more before you speak to us, we’ve got some great case studies to share with you. Many of the clients we work with us on their website also work with us on their general marketing, social media, photography, and printed materials, so we’ve included some links below for you to find out more about that too. Click on the titles below to view each case study.

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